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Caterham & the wider South East’s Preferred Choice for Carpentry & Joinery

Alongside roofing services, Caterham’s SG Refurbishments provides the South East of England with a range of construction services. Many of these services require the expertise of the skilled carpenters and joiners who constitute part of our closely-knit and friendly team. While a lot of what we do in the carpentry and joinery department is an integral part of a wider project, for example the construction of a new build or an extension, we also offer our carpentry and joinery services on a standalone basis.

So if you require the expertise of a knowledgeable expert whose workmanship is delivered to a consistent standard of excellence – don’t hesitate to contact us on 01883 337 700. Below, we’ve run through the three main categories are work in this area fall within so prospective clients can get a decent understanding of the breadth of the work we carry out around Surrey and its surrounds.


Typical jobs that fall within this category include crafting doors and window frames, crafting fitted furniture and building staircases. In short, joiners are trained craftsmen who make/join wood, either onsite or in a workshop.

They play a huge part in creating both eye-catching centrepieces that dictate whether the property succeeds on an aesthetic level, as well as whether the property simply works on a functional level.

First Fix Carpentry

This category takes in all the different individual jobs that need to be completed to take a building from its bare foundations, through to a structure with plastered internal walls. As such this area takes in construction of walls, floors and ceilings, as well as wall studding, fitting roof struts, door struts and floor joists.

Second Fix Carpentry

If first fix is the equivalent of baking a cake, the second fix is icing it. This term covers everything that finishes the property, short of the final stage of painting and decorating (the cherry on top). It includes everything that occurs after plastering, like finishing the skirting, fixing architrave, and installing window boards and floorboards.

For a one-stop solution that can complete all aspects of both carpentry and joinery for all sizes of residential and commercial developments, as well as refurbishments or minor upgrades to the interior or exterior of a property, choose SG Refurbishments in Caterham, Surrey.

To discuss what you need from our skilled carpenters and joiners, pick up the phone and call our Caterham office on 01883 337 700.