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An Immaculate Track Record – Your Trusted Roofers in Woldingham | SG Refurbishments

There are many reasons why residents of Woldingham, and companies in the area, might know the SG Refurbishments name. Perhaps they’ve seen our vans driving about, have spotted our advertisements outside projects we’ve been undertaking, or know individuals or companies that have contracted our roofers at some point in the past. Likewise, there are many things you might know us for – as we’re far more than simply roofing contractors; unlike many roofing companies, we take on an array of work, from domestic new builds and extensions, to commercial refurbishments (an area we specialise in).

Below, to show our versatility and highlight how our team regularly assists clients throughout the Woldingham area, we’ve run over a few example projects we undertake. It’s by no means exhaustive, and focuses mainly on our work as roofers and roofing contractors. If you’re not interested in finding roofing companies, and have a different kind of project lined up, we’d urge you to navigate our website to learn about other areas we excel in, or to call us directly on 01883 337 700.

3 Example Projects We Undertake in Woldingham

Pitched Roof Repair – Damage to pitched roofs most often occurs after prolonged exposure to inclement weather conditions. Leaving damaged or missing slates or tiles off a roof can be trouble as it may create a weak spot in your roof lining, allowing moisture in. Damaged slates could also fall off the roof and damage property, or seriously injure individuals below. So it’s important to bring in qualified roofers, like ours in Woldingham, who can quickly repair the issue, replacing tiles where necessary with identical products, preserving the coherent aesthetic and kerb appeal.

Flat Roof Installation – Another job where it’s important to choose the right kind of roof companies, e.g experienced and accredited ones like SG Refurbishments, is the construction of flat roofs. We build flat roofs around Woldingham out of four materials: felt, mastic asphalt, GRP fibreglass and EPDM rubber. Each has different qualities, and different expected lifespans (when looked after via regular inspections and essential repairs as and when required, from qualified roofing contractors). We’d love to provide advice on which will best suit the end application you have in mind, so don’t hesitate in contacting our roofers at your earliest convenience.

Commercial Refurbishments – An area we’ve increasingly found ourselves leaning into is the commercial refurbishment, and we’re proud to have transformed countless properties in and around the Woldingham area, with a real focus on leisure and dining formats. Roofing companies and roofing contractors, if they are to truly succeed at what they do, have to be meticulous when it comes to workmanship and project planning; these skills transfer perfectly to the creation of attractive and functional commercial spaces that call in customers and lead to rave reviews!

Check out the “Our Work” page of our website or call our team on 01883 337 700 for more information about the projects our roofers compete in the Woldingham area.