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Roofing Contractors in Crawley | Flexible and Affordable Installations

The team at SG Refurbishments delivers the complete service package to customers and clients in the nearby Crawley area. When our roofing contractors build a new structure or perform repairs, they work to the specification of a detailed site survey which includes information on the actual design, the materials needed and recommended installation measurements. We only use our own roofers on your projects and we never hire in subcontractors.

As a result, we have a reputation as one of Crawley’s most prestigious roofing companies.

Our roofing contractors work on pitched roofing and flat roofing structures. SG Refurbishments has domestic and commercial services available, and also offers a supporting range of solutions which cover bathroom and flooring installations, interior refurbishment work, retail fit-outs, window fitting and door fitting. We operate on a 24-hour basis for our commercial clients.

Services from SG Refurbishments include the following:

• Roofing Inspections
• Roofing Design
• Roof Installation
• Roofing Repairs
• Roofline Installations
• Lead Flashing
• Slate and Tile Replacement
• Timber Framework
• EPDM Rubber Installation
• GRP Fibreglass Installation

A Tailored Roofing Installation Service

The roofers on our team recognise that the performance and the value of new installations in Crawley depend on every part of the system working, from the physical design itself to the materials used and the quality of the installation. As you’d expect from one of the area’s most reputable roofing companies, it is our policy to plan every stage of the design work in detail, and to factor in all of the elements required for a premium quality installation.

With this in mind, we consider structure, the roof lining, insulation, ventilation, underlay and more. This makes roofing more durable which, in turn, helps to protect your Crawley property, the people living or working inside it and our own professional reputation.

Our roofing contractors source slates and tiles which complement and enhance property aesthetics in line with your personal preferences and expectations. We know of roofing companies that struggle to work to certain specifications. SG Refurbishments works closely with your chosen architect when needed to achieve installations which reflect the blueprint.

Roofing Installations and Repairs

A variety of factors influence the decisions of our Crawley customers and clients. Among the most common of these are everyday wear and tear, and the inevitable passage of time. The need for better ventilation or more space beneath the roof also influences decisions. Our roofers conduct initial site surveys in the form of an inspection. In doing so, they provide an accurate assessment on the roof’s condition and subsequently identify any problem areas.

Common issues include:

• Algae Growth
• Surface Blistering
• Dampness and Rot
• Roof Movement
• Roof Buckling
• Material Wear
• Weather Damage
• Slate and Tile Damage

In many cases, our roofing contractors deem repairs to be more cost-effective than a full replacement. SG Refurbishments promises to treat you fairly and to use the inspection as a means of recommending the service you actually need. Honesty and transparency are the two hallmarks of all reputable roofing companies in Crawley and the very cornerstones of our business. Our time-served roofers deliver guaranteed workmanship of up to 20 years.

Contact our roofers on 01883 337 700. We offer services to customers and clients in Crawley and all locations across the South East.