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For roofing installation and repairs in and around the Purley area, you can’t do better than SG Refurbishments. Our highly experienced team of qualified roofing contractors provide this unrivalled level of service at competitive prices, the likes of which you simply won’t find with competing roofing companies.

In the article below, our roofers have looked to provide Purley clients with advice regarding roof maintenance; for while there’s a lot that should only ever be carried out by professional roofing contractors, there are also certain things you can do to safeguard your roof and reduce the likelihood of needing the assistance of roofing companies.

Roofing Maintenance Tips

REGULARLY INSPECT – Scheduling into your diary semi-regular inspections can do a world of good. You’ll be able to spot debris that might be placing strain upon your roofing system, as well as issues like ponding or a tear/puncture in the membrane. Then you can either remove the debris yourself, or if it’s a more serious issue, call Purley’s favoured roofing contractors, SG Refurbishments, to carry out essential repairs before the problem worsens.

KEEP GUTTERS CLEAN – Blocked gutters can lead to a water log/backup which causes your fascia to rot. This then puts the integrity of your roof at serious risk, and can lead to leaks and moisture getting inside your property. So roofing companies will always recommend that Purley clients keep their gutters clear of blockages, cleaning them every few weeks or following a particularly severe period of weather in which leaves may have fallen from nearby trees.

TRIM SURROUNDING TREES – It’s important that if trees begin to encroach on the immediate space around your roof, you trim them or call in a tree surgeon/gardener to do it on your behalf. After all, tree branches and boughs can damage a roof by falling on to it, or being put it into contact with it during a windy spell. This can mean a puncture, or similar damage that roofers need to put right.

CHOOSE THE RIGHT ROOFERS! – While this might seem a little general on the advice side, we assure you it’s of huge importance. Roofing companies that cut corners, or send in unqualified roofing contractors to carry out work on their behalf, can do more harm than good. If you’re in Purley and need the assistance of trained, time-served roofers – choose SG Refurbishments for full peace of mind.

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