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A flat roof, in comparison to the traditional pitched design, appears to have a level surface but actually slopes at an angle of approximately 10˚ to allow for water dispersal. Some roofing companies deliberately avoid flat roofing work because it requires a specialist skill set and an understanding of several different systems. Our roofing contractors repair and replace flat roofing structures using a combination of conventional and modern methods.

Located in Caterham, SG Roofing covers all South East locations including Crawley, East Grinstead, Oxted and Redhill. We welcome telephone enquiries from domestic customers and commercial clients across the region needing a skilled team of roofers they can trust.

To be the best, our customers have to use the best. Very few roofing companies can match our own for quality of workmanship, standards of service and overall value for money.

Typically, a flat roofing structure requires more maintenance, at more frequent intervals, than a pitched roofing alternative. Homes and commercial properties in the Caterham area with older installations experience more issues than those built more recently with a more modern material. Our roofers usually encounter a similar series of problems on older builds.


The felt or asphalt on an older installation loses its elasticity and causes the surface to craze, crack or bubble. Some roofing contractors call this “alligatoring” because the surface resembles the skin of an alligator. Heavy crazing usually requires a full roofing replacement.


Even with a slight pitch, flat roofing structures in Crawley, East Grinstead, Oxted, Redhill and the surrounding areas hold more water as the surface starts to deteriorate. Maintenance from roofing companies arrests the issues that so often lead to leaks, mould and mildew.

Membrane Buckles

Because some installations have a deck and membrane laid as a single structure, they shift slightly because of the property settling and changes in temperature. This buckles the membrane and shortens its lifespan, and requires roofers to perform suitable replacements.

Pooling Water

When a property shifts, it affects the natural slope of the original installation. If a flat roof dips, it results in pooling water and any deterioration on the surface causes that water to seep into the underlying deck. Eventually, this moisture rots the underlying timber decking.

Stress Cracks

Flat roofing experiences more pressure than an installation with a slanted design and when the stress reaches a certain point, the surface cracks. This introduces moisture which compromises the structure. More often than not, roofing contractors have to replace it.

Worn Flashing

Expansion and contraction pulls the flashing away from the edges and corners of a flat roof, leading to leaks and trapped moisture. Regular inspection from roofing companies, and some occasional maintenance work, stops deterioration and prolongs flashing lifespan.

Flat Roofing Repair Systems

Domestic and commercial clients in Caterham and the surrounding Crawley, East Grinstead, Oxted and Redhill areas have access to a full range of systems which preserve the integrity and lifespan of flat structures. Our roofers have experience with older application methods, such as felt, but also undergo training in the installation of GRP fibreglass and EPDM rubber.

Based on the system chosen, we offer material and labour guarantees of up to 20 years. Modern installation systems usually exceed our guarantees and last for several decades.

Traditional Systems

Built-up felt and mastic asphalt are the two most common systems found on older flat roof structures by our roofing contractors. The felt system consists of two to three layers of bitumen sheeting bonded together by an adhesive or by hot bitumen. Compared to GRP fibreglass and EPDM rubber alternatives, felt rarely reaches the same performance levels.

It does still have an important role to play in some roofing projects, however, especially on sheds, summerhouses and outdoor buildings needing a simple, low-cost installation.

Mastic asphalt combines powder and aggregates to create a durable surface as long as the roofers performing the installation create a firm underlying structure. Unfortunately, heat causes brittleness in mastic asphalt and it has very few, if any, environmental benefits.

GRP Fibreglass

In more recent years, property owners in Caterham, Crawley, East Grinstead, Oxted and Redhill have shown preferences for roofing companies with an aptitude for modern repair and replacement systems. GRP fibreglass is a glass-reinforced plastic material strengthened with chopped stranded fibres to form a laminate. Composite in design, GRP has the benefit of extreme durability but with a lightweight performance that makes it simple to install.

An installation from our roofers combines OSB3 decking with a resin sealant, a fibreglass matting and a topcoat, complete with trims, to deliver an impact-resistant surface.

The topcoat is typically dark grey but we can finish an installation in any RAL colour to tie in the final appearance with your existing property décor. For flat roofs expecting higher volumes of foot traffic, we use stronger chop strand mats to protect against damage.

EPDM Rubber

The roofing contractors at SG Roofing also install EPDM rubber, a highly durable synthetic membrane perfect for flat roofs and low-slope properties. Made from ethylene and propylene, EPDM works well as a replacement product but excels when used for repair work. What makes it so popular with customers and roofers alike is its cost. EPDM rubber is our preferred material for projects where property owners have smaller budgets available.

Based on the size of the roof, a single sheet of EPDM rubber covers the entire surface without any joining points to deliver seamless and watertight protection.

EPDM is fire-resistant, has excellent environmental benefits, lasts for many years and, if it ever requires replacement in the future, it recycles well. Membranes come in a variety of thicknesses to provide different levels of protection for Caterham and South East properties.

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