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First Choice for All Forms of Roofing in Coulsdon

SG Refurbishments has enjoyed a growing share of clients in the Coulsdon area, as satisfied clients recommend our roofing contractors to friends, families and workmates. Our roofers can carry out all required tasks from a fresh installation, on an extension for example, to repairs of existing roofs.

We look to set ourselves apart from competing roofing companies operating in Coulsdon by specialising in GRP fibreglass, EPDM rubber, traditional felt systems and even pitched roofs; this versatility, as well as the quality of our roofing and the competitive prices we offer it at make us the obvious choice amongst Coulsdon roofing contractors.

In the article below, the SG Refurbishments team has run through a few common roof maintenance tips – but if you require personalised advice or wish to book a visit from our roofers, pick up the phone and call 01883 337 700.

The Dos & Don’ts of Domestic Roof Maintenance

Do keep your roof free of debris. It can quickly build-up and cause a roof to undergo an excess of stress and lead to structural damage.

Don’t allow unqualified roofers to work on your roof. There have been reports in the past of unqualified roofing companies operating in the Coulsdon area. Their lack of expertise can mean botched installations, or repairs that do more harm than good. Only choose qualified roofing contractors to carry out work, like those at SG Refurbishments!

Do carry out regular inspections. Spotting an issue early on can save you a lot of hassle, as our roofing contractors can quickly attend to the situation before a minor tear or similar damage worsens, and causes something like a major leak. Simply get up on a ladder and have a look to see if you can spot anything that might spell trouble.

Don’t put off essential repairs. It can be tempting to put off contacting roofing companies as some issues seem like they’re simply aesthetic. But in situations like the above example, what at first seems like a visual niggle can quickly cause an entire roofing system to fail. As we’re based just a short drive from Coulsdon, we can quickly be with you to either allay your concerns or deal with the problem. So don’t put off calling our roofing contractors!

Live in Coulsdon and require the expert assistance of a team of trained and time-served roofers? Pick up the phone and call SG Refurbishments on 01883 337 700.