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Creating Functional, Modern Properties Through Expert Plumbing and Heating Installation

Many companies specialise in one particular area of a construction job or development: they handle the groundworks, or perhaps the finishing touches as second fix carpenters. Whatever situation you find yourself in, anything from investing in a home extension to launching a new build commercial premises, this amounts to inconvenience – you have to find and orchestrate a host of trades, and hope that their work is up to the same, consistently high standard.

This is why SG Refurbishments, based in Surrey’s Caterham, takes in a variety of skilled, qualified trades who can handle every aspect of a project in-house, all to an exceptional standard of quality. Our philosophy extends to the installation of heating and plumbing infrastructure, the essential veins and arteries that extend throughout the “body” of your home. After all, what’s the use in ensuring a property is perfectly built with roofs, windows and walls that effectively insulate, if said infrastructure is lazily implemented and thus can’t meet the property’s potential?

Qualified Plumbers Right at Hand

So let SG Refurbishments’s plumbing team ensure your property meets modern standards, and thus avoids problems like repeated blockages and poor water pressure.

Our plumbing work is typically conducted as part of a wider project, e.g a new build or extension, but should we be carrying out any type of work whatsoever on your property and you think that problematic plumbing could do with an overhaul – we’ll provide impartial, expert advice to decide on what should (if anything) be done.

Keeping Your Home Snug & Warm

Our heating engineers are similarly qualified to identify improvements in existing homes (perhaps undergoing a refurbishment), or implemented modern boilers, radiators and recent innovations like underfloor heating – all with the purpose of keeping you warm  and snug in the winter months. We know how to perfectly balance functionality and aesthetics, so your domestic or commercial property isn’t marred by the “essentials”, like said radiators; in fact we look to ensure they contribute to the overall interior design scheme.

With both plumbing and heating, efficiency and environmental responsibility is at the forefront of our thinking. We ensure properties are well insulated, and that the equipment/infrastructure used to heat them and supply them with water aren’t leading to any unnecessary waste of resources. For obvious reasons then, the work we do can save clients money on utility bills.

Thinking of upgrading your heating and plumbing? Contact SG Refurbishments today on 01883 337 700. While we’re based in Caterham, we cover all of Surrey and the wider South East!