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The Pick of the Bunch Amongst Roofing Companies in Reigate

As well as the installation of brand new flat and pitched roofs for Reigate clients, SG Refurbishments undertakes all forms of repair. In the below article, we’ve run through three of the most common repairs our roofing contractors will carry out on both domestic and commercial properties, on the average “day in the life”.

But if you’ve found this page because you’re in Reigate and looking for trusted roofing companies that offer quality workmanship at competitive prices, perhaps for a brand new installation, the below may not be of interest to you. In this case, call our roofers right away on 01883 337 700. We’ll be able to provide advice regarding your individual situation, as well as what many roofers do not offer – transparent and free, no obligation quotes.

3 Common Roof Repairs Undertaken by Our Roofing Contractors

LEAKS – Dealing with leaks is a roofer’s bread and butter. They can spring for all sorts of different reasons, from lazy roofing companies carrying out a poor quality installation, to storm damage, compromised flashing/seals, or due to a freak accident like a tree branch falling and piercing the membrane. Our roofing contractors can quickly deal with leaks in the Reigate area by carrying out fast and accurate fault-finding, before patching the leak.

SHRINKAGE – Sitting below your roof’s tiles is a membrane which, in certain situations, can shrink and endanger the integrity of the system as a whole. If you’ve noticed lose shingles, cracking, blistering or ridges on roof tiles – call in our roofing contractors for diagnostics. It could be shrinkage, meaning you need a new membrane installed, and the reasons for the shrinkage dealt with (subpar roofers operating around Reigate may choose to deal with the result but not the cause, but charge your for a “job well done”, meaning shrinkage may simply just reoccur).

POOLING WATER – Roofs are supposed to transport all water they collect into your drains and away from your property. But if water is pooling on your roof and not being disposed of, then mechanical stress can ramp up and compromise your roof and the property underneath it. If you’ve noticed pooling water, call SG Refurbishments in Reigate. We’ll send our roofers to carry out an assessment, before recommending the best corrective cause of action.

Suffering from any of the above issues, or perhaps something more obscure? Call SG Roofing, the Reigate area’s favoured roofing contractors, on 01883 337 700.